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Oh good, you’re here – you found me! Thanks!! Oh and by the way – you will get used to my love of exclamation marks!

Okay so, Welcome to my world where I hope you leave negativity at the door, depart inspired but most importantly - Have Fun!!!

Sophie Sherwin, writer, blogger and creative
Sign asking what is your love story


Great question! One I ask myself everyday... but to sum it up to make it a whole lot easier - here are my skills ('cause I hate labels):

Why are you here? Well now, not only are you super smart, I am here to showcase my writing and creativity. So, if you like what you see and need a little vah vah voom in your life or business, I would love to hear from you. 

Here is yet another cool button to press to contact me.

Reading To Your Dog
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Girl throwing a tantrum
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Well, what in the writers world is Whine with Sophie 5.0? Another great question - It's my blog of course!
And the exciting part is - if you click any of the icons above, it will magically take you there!

But I also get that curiosity did not actually kill the cat but frustrated the fuck out of it - is a little blurb about it to get your juices flowing. 

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Life after 50 is fucking complicated —it's a mix of weight gain, drama, comedy, questioning not only your sanity but life and every shade in between. "Whine with Sophie 5.0" captures the essence of this unknown phase, giving you a front-row seat not only to the chaos but serenity that comes from hitting a new chapter. ​


Whine with Sophie 5.0 isn't just a blog—it's story telling at it's best, as it gives you a vivid menagerie of relatable experiences that may mirror your own journey. With each post, you'll find yourself nodding along, chuckling knowingly, and occasionally shedding a tear (good god, am I THAT good??).

Let Sophie's life remind you that wherever you are in life, you are exactly where you need to be however crap it may feel.  


So, come along for the ride I am very happy to have you.

Hang on....I am more than just a blog

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WAIT!! There's more


Phew - that is a lot, I know that you know that I know that simplicity is key, so here is a summary. You got it - click on any icons below to take you to the place where you want to go (well, within reason!!!)




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