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I truly believe creativity is your raw, authentic self when you allow yourself to just 'be' without judgement

Sophie Sherwin... a passionate author, blogger and creative spirit. I write captivating stories and constantly explore new avenues of expression and creativity. As a jack of all trades, I've mastered the art of versatility in every project and am now aspiring to bring unique stories to not only the silver screen but to your small screens too. With a diverse skill set that ranges from penning novels to conceptualizing innovative projects, I believe in the power of words to inspire, inform, and ignite. Always eager for the next big idea or challenge, I'm committed to lifelong learning and pushing boundaries. An enthusiastic collaborator, ever ready to leave a lasting mark in the world of storytelling.

Sophie Sherwin, writer, blogger and creative
Whine with Sophie 5.0 Blog

About Whine with Sophie

And so, the Journey Begins

Life after 50 isn't a single genre—it's a delightful mix of drama, comedy, and every shade in between. "Whine with Sophie 5.0" captures the essence of this multifaceted phase, giving you a front-row seat to the exhilarating chaos and surprising serenity that come with rewriting your story.

Whine with Sophie 5.0 isn't just a blog—it's a vivid menagerie of relatable experiences that mirrors your own journey. With each post, you'll find yourself nodding along, chuckling knowingly, and occasionally shedding a tear. Let Sophie's life remind you that it's never too late to try new things and embrace the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

Are you ready to uncork the laughter, tears, and triumphs? Join Sophie as she navigates life's unexpected twists and turns in a way that's uniquely her own. Subscribe to "Whine with Sophie 5.0" and uncover the mishaps one story at a time

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Hang on....I am more than just a blog

My creative writing has taken me beyond my comfort zone many times and I am still honing it (both my writing and comfort zone!). This chapter of creativity has taught me more about who I am and to embrace my vivid, wild imagination which was suppressed for so long. It is a way for me to get what is in my head and body out, so it is also a form of therapy for me. I encourage anyone to use their creativity everyday in life and I do this through my mentoring and just being.

Creativity covers so many aspects and even writing takes on many forms e.g. poetry, song writing, journaling. For me it is about using all or focusing on one sense. Vision can be creating videos, smell can be cooking or baking, touch can be painting or sculpting, listening can be listening to songs and tasting can obviously be being taken out of your head through food, it can even become voice and using your voice creatively and of course dance is using all your senses and encompassing energy and expression through your body. Creativity is also used in everyday jobs for example: nail technicians, teachers, chefs, engineers, architects, event planners, retail workers...I am hoping you are getting the picture.

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