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Sophie sherwin screenplay writer

 My Screenplays 

There's Always a Hitch


After rediscovering her late mother’s travel diary, a failing life-coach abandons her current life to recreate the same road-trip, sixty years later, with her mother’s memories guiding her path. Two stories told, both are trying to escape life but they learn it has a habit of coming with you.

Run it Again


Two sisters with picture perfect lives challenge themselves to run a marathon but are given some devastating news which changes their lives forever. However, not all is as it seems and they find themselves having to start all over again with nothing, can they thrive and not just survive?

Bloody Knickers


Two women desperate for children live their life by the calendar, with their bodies playing roulette with their emotions. Can they accept what fate has for them?

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Podcast as a guest
Los Angeles Internationl Screenplay Awards
Stage 32 Feature screenwriting fellowship
Success article by Sophie Sherwin
NYC midnight challenge

I am also a lover of are some of my favs

San Clemente, California
Zurich, Switzerland on a foggy day
San Clemente, California at sunset
Zurich, Switzerland at night
Schonbrunn, Vienna early morning
Zurich, Switzerland on a Sunny Morning
A Walk in Devon, England
Flowers in Zurich, Switzerland
Catarina Island, California, USA
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