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There's Always a Hitch Book

Have you ever found yourself on a path that you have no control over, but you know in your heart that it is your destiny?


There’s Always a Hitch is a comedy memoir about Sophie, a single and broke entrepreneur who is failing miserably at her new business. She decides to re-connect with her mum who passed away 11 years ago by following in her footsteps.


Traveling alone, with only her mum’s scrapbook of memorabilia, photos, postcards and diary to guide her, Sophie visits all the same places her mum backpacked and hitchhiked through back in 1958. She soon realises her financial situation does not stretch to the luxury five star smooth travel that she is accustomed, but more like one star, with a run of disasters…


8,500 miles, ten cities, five states, three countries, eleven weeks, over 100 lbs of luggage, tears, blood, giggles, and an extra dress size later, she makes it! Interspersed with Sophie’s laugh out loud memoires are her mother’s words, photos and memorabilia, creating an inspirational, heart-warming, humorous journey of bravery, drama, resilience, vulnerability, magic, travel, friendship and transformation.

Check out some sample of a couple of chapters below...

Chapter 1

Bon Voyage….into the Unknown

As mum sat there in her bedroom, fussing over her favourite being, her dog Quita, frustrated after another run in with her dad, her mind wandered to her up coming trip and excitement settled her. Her mind wandered to where she was going and the travel to get there. Ticket booked - £63.00 for a 7 day sail starting from 01st November 1957 in Liverpool and docking in Montreal then getting to Toronto to begin her new life.

Her decision to leave a comfortable life in a small town in the North of England was a momentous one. She had just started a job as a Stenographer after finishing her training but yearned for more. She felt trapped in this small town as it had no ‘life’, excitement and this highlighted the boredom....

Bella on a diving board in San Clemente, California 1958

Chapter 7

How come my arse is growing at the same speed my bank account is shrinking?

I did not really manage to sleep so I am struggling keeping awake. I did however, manage to get to my destination which was Union Station in LA in time for a train to San Clemente in Orange County. En route we did stop briefly in San Bernardino which is where mum and the girls spent a lovely night hosted by a lift. I got shouted at by the driver and the matron as I wanted to take a quick photo whilst everyone else was smoking but I was not allowed to go where the best picture was being taken. I was not a happy camper as this was around 5.00 am, I had had little sleep and I thought they were just plain rude. I got ‘a’ photo but not ‘the’ photo! San Bernardino – tick!!!

Chapter 6 - mum and I at the Grand Canyon.jpg
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