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The Full Story

Some quick fire questions I asked myself as I found sitting writing a bio is very dull:​


Where did my love of writing come from? ​


Short answer – I haven’t a fucking clue! No joke....I think I liked it as a child but I preferred acting and directing (however, the only thing I was semi-professional at was directing my younger brother until he stopped listening to me). I did find a lot of ‘sorry’ notes to my mum maybe that is where it started?? Hmm. For a long, long time I did not write or even think about it until only a few years ago when it kind of fell into my lap. I ended up writing a book – ahem – un-apologetical self-promotion here – There's Always a Hitch  (go on press those letters and let the magic happen!). Oh no, hang on I need you here just for a wee bit longer, where was I? Oh yes – my love of writing, after my book was published I wanted it to be a movie so I wrote the screenplay – oh yeah baby ANOTHER plug – screenplay of the same name There’s Always a Hitch (another yummy button to press but...............wait just a lil’ ol moment) - aaaand I realised I was pretty good at this writing malarky and bonus it stopped me eating for a few minutes, I wanted more. One and a half more features, three short screenplays and far too many ideas later I am a happy bunny, well sort of. I also write my blog in between the work that makes me the money to live and my other writing. My body keeps asking me 'WHAT THE FUCK?'. SO, I want to escape that and write and entertain all full time. ​


         Who do I take after – mum or dad? 


​Interesting question Sophie, thank you for asking. I get my creativity from my dad. He was a fabulous artist and was always creating stuff for my mum and us. Sadly, he died when I was 4 which left a huge hole in our lives, I think this now drives my creativity. With regards to my mum – what can I say? She was just my absolute hero, her resilience, humour, tenacity and whole being has inspired me so much and I think back to how she handled stuff and life and I try to use those tools too. Especially the humour. I am so grateful for her. Sadly, she left this earth with bedazzled wings a few years ago. ​


What was I like at school? ​


Bloody awful – woah Sophie – what on earth do you mean?  Well, I found myself being the class clown which realllllllly pissed off some teachers and especially the headmasters wife. I was in trouble a lot and spent a lot of time on ‘punishment’. I never did anything heinously wrong it was usually being caught in another dorm after lights out as I had FAR too many friends to chat to darling said in an overly posh English accent (as you can gather yes, I did go to boarding school). I engaged in all the creative stuff from acting in school plays and dancing, playing musical instruments to cooking. I was so lucky I got to spend a few years in a bubble of love then it all burst but it certainly has helped shape me to who I am today. ​


What do I think of conformity? ​


Fuck one is born the same so why do we strive to be? 

A few more quirky facts that I like to share:

  • I am incredibly self-aware and I have a great skill in untangling other people's mind mess.

  • I have a business called sophfree - What oh what do I do over there? I am on a mission to help people live their true authentic selves by getting to know themselves, be proud of who they are and love their uniqueness.

  • I love... no,, ummmm....  obsess about cake!!

  • I think I am pretty fucking cool 😎.

  • I love meditating, it can be better than a nap!

  • I have the same hands as my mum.

  • I hate arguing with stupid people.

Sorry to note to mum
Angel wings
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