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The Full Story

My creativity has become more focused and visible in the last few years. My first book 'There's Always a Hitch' came out of the blue for me to write.

My mum left me with a box of memorabilia, scrapbooks and diaries from her days of travelling and living in Canada and the US when she was a teenager. I loved her story and felt it had to be told. However, me being me, did not want to just write a book, I wanted to live and experience it, so I took off to Canada and the US and visited all the places she went. The book tells my travel memoirs and interspersed are mums diaries. The book is a heart warming, funny easy read.

Not only did I feel I wanted to write mums story, I also wanted to inspire people to F**ck fear, to live life and have adventures, even everyday ones. Adventures never have to be grand and elaborate, it can be taking a different route to work and finding the magic along with stepping into the unknown. This has led me on to writing screenplays which I am LOVING. For me, writing is having the privilege to take the audience on a journey in a short space of time, to illicit emotions and feelings they may otherwise suppress in their everyday life. For them to step into my imagination is very empowering to me as a writer. I am also entering into the world of TV writing, wanting to inspire, entertain and take the audience through an array of emotions every week, leaving them wanting more. And best of all, would be if it changes their life somehow. I get to experience life in order to enhance my writing and it gives me permission to while away hours in my imagination, where as a child I was always told to stop daydreaming. I have an insatiable appetite for new experiences and for many years I was scorned for jumping from one thing to another until a few years ago when I started to embrace this side of me. I have found it has enriched me as a person and my life and more importantly it compliments my writing. I get inspiration from my day jobs as a Personal Assistant and from the adventures I have outside, so I consider myself very lucky.

All mediums of creativity connects people and I want to inspire people enhance their lives, to be proud of their uniqueness and change what is not working which sums up my WHY for writing and creating.

If you are interested in buying or finding more about my book, check it out here,

I also invite you to check out my screenplays here and lastly, alternatively of course you can get in touch with me by emailing me....

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