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Here Comes 2024

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Happy New Year

Every year I try to do something new on New Year's Eve whether it is alone, with someone special or with friends. Gone are the days when I would spend months planning, checking what everyone else is doing then trying to buy the hottest ticket in town. Then when NYE came, I would spend hours deciding on my make up and outfit - the smaller the better and whatever the weather, then totter on my stiletto's, tripping over every five minutes (but I didn't care) to meet up with friends to start what we hoped would be the most EPIC night of our lives. Just like a tinder date, it was always so disappointing. The morning after I would open my purse (no internet banking back then) to see how much money I had left and if a purse could make a sound - it would be wind rustling through the trees or a toddler giggling, funds depleted. I had usually stayed at my friends house so we would spend hours dissecting the night then agreeing next year will be even better but it never came.

Pubs became undesirable when they started to charge an entry fee. Before I even spent my life savings on the alcohol, I had to fork out to get in anywhere. Soon they started ticketing and the best pubs would sell out so you couldn't even buy them on the door which also put a dampener on any spontaneity. If I did get in, not only did we have to stand all night but I would also spend most of the evening queuing up at the bar getting a drink only to get back to my friends and have it spilt down me from people bumping into me all night. At that point I gave up the put idea.

I had some great NYE spending it at friends dinner parties but getting home was a little like competing in gladiators to get to and on any form of public transport.

I have also had the odd one where I am with someone and they are different and great but the last few have been my best, as I vowed to do something different and new each time.

This year, I am sitting writing this. It has been a little tough staying up way past my bedtime but writing is my happy place and I am pretty bloody lucky to have a great flat which inspires my writing. I am warm, I have my wine (which is not being spilt), I am alone, the silence is filled with fireworks and I have spent a fraction of money. The wind has made a big appearance too but I am lucky enough to watch the London fireworks from my balcony so this is a pretty darn amazing way to welcome in a new year.

I also used to get all involved in the hype of new years resolutions, vowing every year that this was going to THE year that I stick to it (usually to lose weight) but by January 01st at 5pm I had already munched a whole packet of biscuits, licked the carpet for cake crumbs, ordered a family size pizza and a bottle of diet coke (I have to watch the calories....ha ha). Now, instead I set a theme for the year, so one word and all the major decisions and daily routines are around building, learning or working towards the theme, whatever is needed. It is so much gentler on the soul and easier to stick with. I take a holistic approach with the word so it is incorporated in all areas of my life.

For example, last year it was Health. Health of my finances, body, mind, emotions, career and spirituality. I learnt so much about myself and now I have an even stronger foundation going into 2024.

My theme this year is Connection. I am excited for what this year brings and how it manifests through the opportunities, thoughts, friendships, relationships, career and most importantly to my body and myself.

So, what would be your theme? What word jumps out at you to use in 2024? Here are 4 ways you can find out what word it will be:

  1. Meditate on it

  2. Grab a book and ask the universe to help you find a years theme. Flick through it stop at a page that feels right. What word are your eyes drawn to? Think about the word and see how it sits with you.

  3. Journal - journal about your year last year. Use some prompts - like what did I learn last year? What do I need to build on this year to reach my life goals?

  4. Free write - use a pen and paper and use your non dominant hand and just write what is coming up for you. After a couple of minutes, ask your soul, what word is my theme for 2024? It feels really awkward but it is fun to see what comes out.

Give it a go and you can even comment below to let me know your theme word.

Masses of Luck and Happy 2024!

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